We are a part of nature, as the earth spins its way around the sun, its rhythms of night and day, warmth and cold, summer and winter, inevitably affect us - our moods, our attitudes, our feelings and emotions.

Our lives have their own cycles, through birth, growth, puberty, fertility and age, from home to home, job to job phase to phase.

Often we just manage this, put up with the inconvenience, deal with the admin, work in denial or tolerance.

Acknowledging these rhythms, taking time out to honour the changes that we all experience, attending to their impact on our lives, understanding how it is that we are in the world  can help us to understand ourselves and our relationships.

I have vowed

to serve those of all faiths and none,

without prejudice or distinction.


I can help you, your family, your community, to focus on what is important in what is happening for you, to consider what has been, what is, what might be, to take a little time out of the busy-ness to breath, to connect and to welcome possibility.

Please explore the pages of this site to see what this might mean for you.

Whether you are anticipating, joyfully or fearfully,

a new phase in your life's journey,

or in trouble or sadness,

I may be able to help.

Today has gone just how we envisaged, thank you so much. 

Your professional, yet highly personal approach was very welcome.