About me

I will work to help you access, explore, discover your relationship with the God of your own understanding,

so that you can live and love more fully

so that you can celebrate the wonders of your life

so that you can honour the special moments in your life

so that you can hold your joys and griefs as gifts

so that you can see things more clearly

so that you can love yourself and others more dearly

so that you can follow your true path more nearly

day by day

My background is in teaching and theatre. I am passionate about communication and its twinned elements of listening and expression.

I have worked for a long time in the field of training actors, and I also belong to a professional theatre company, working as director and producer. There is a fundamental connection for me between teaching, directing, theatre and my ministry.

All are involved with service, all are concerned to communicate, and to do so through listening to the other, whether that other is student or actor, or anyone in search of their truth.

Listening is at the heart of what it means to learn. We can only learn, we can only travel, from where we are.

I am committed to honouring that place of presence, listening, exploring from it towards understanding, celebration, communion.

I am committed to listening to you

so that you can find the expression of your truth in your moment.

All are welcome

All of you is welcome

I work with people. People like you. People who have a faith, people who don't. People who've lost faith, or their connection with their birth tradition. People who aren't interested in faith, but are aware that there is more to life than getting and spending, and who want to connect with that 'more', whatever it is.

I'm a registered, ordained member of the OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers Association.

I have worked with and for the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary, as student, in post-ordination training, as mentor and trainer since 2011. I have worked with clients on weddings, vow-renewals, baby blessings and funerals, and as spiritual companion.

Membership of IMA commits me to working without prejudice or preconception, and to professional standards of accountability and supervision.