A new arrival

The arrival of a new life into the world is always special. Whatever the circumstances surrounding it, this is an affirmation of humanity's optimism, of the energy of creation. 

Ideally, the new life will also be an expression of love,

the desire of two parents to share their hearts with their own creation.

When the new arrival enters a family, there are things to be done

- things beyond decorating, buying clothes or equipment, changing routines.

There are adjustments to be made, welcomes to be expressed,

commitments to be entered into.

Without the framework of a clear religious community, it might be hard to work out

just how to do this. It's too easy not to bother - to assume that everything will work out.

And it might ... just work out. 

And how much better to be conscious, mindful, about what you want for this new person, about your ideas and ideals, about your desires and ambitions for him or her. It's good to take time to think this through -

to understand what is changing between you two, or three or four as this newness squirms its way into your life,

to consider what you want for it, for this now larger family and its members

to ask for help and support for you and for the child as you grow

to honour the immensity of the transition that birth is for Mum - the endurance, the parting and the meeting.

A blessing or welcoming ceremony will bring the important people together into one space and time, and will make open and explicit what you hope to bless this person with.

You may want this for an infant or a child, for your own or for someone you have adopted or fostered. Whatever the terms, the hopes and wishes and love deserve to be made plain, and I can help you to craft a special occasion which will do just that.