Spiritual Companionship

If you are finding life tough, if there are struggles or sadnesses which are dragging you down, slowing you up, getting in the way of your relationships or work;


if there are aspects of your life that you'd like to clarify, work out, untangle -

then maybe I can help.


I can provide you with a safe, loving, non-judgemental space, filled with the grace which

accepts you, welcomes you, knows your true worth, and in that space you can be free to explore the stories, uncover the wounds, untie the knots - work towards a deeper understanding of what has brought you to this point, and to a greater appreciation of the inherent wholeness in you which underlies all.


Ring me or email me, using the information on the Contact page, to book an initial session. This will last up to an hour, at a cost of £30. If you wish to book further sessions, this can be done one or more at a time - there will be no obligation on you to undertake a series of sessions. Sessions cost £50 per hour. Session fees are payable at the session or in advance.