A time for all things

Nothing stays the same. 

Whatever else is true of life, this is. Babies grow into toddlers, children, adolescents, adults.

We change schools, change jobs, move house. Time changes a wedding into an anniversary, 

anniversaries add up.

With each change there is a balance between what is to be embraced and what is to be left,

between what is welcome and what must be born with.

Often there is more going on than the simple turning of the calendar or a change of address.

The emotional effects of change can be easy to overlook. The knowledge that  'everybody goes 

through this' can dissuade us from paying due attention to the scale of what is happening, for us.

We are used to marking some big changes - birth, marriage, death. Modern society is less concerned with

marking other kinds of change, except perhaps the greeting card industry.

The simplest ritual can really help to acknowledge the depth of feeling and response generated by change.

With a little time and exploration you can identify what is important here, what matters to you, what is really involved in the routine change that is going to change everything.

I can help you with this exploration, help you to craft an honouring which will close and open.

It might be something you can do on your own in half an hour, or a much bigger event, it might be ...

to acknowledge and honour your child's moving into adulthood,

to renew the vows you made when you were married, now that there are children in the marriage, now that they are flown

to welcome a new person into your life

to recognise what is gone or gained with the loss of an old relationship

to welcome in a new stage in life


to ...

Whatever is moving you to the sense that attention needs to be paid, I can help you come to an understanding, and craft the response.