You're planning your wedding ....

It’s a big event, and there’s SO MUCH to think about, deal with, account for, co-ordinate – pay for. So many people to please, so many people not to offend, so many people to organise.




Because you and he, or she, have made perhaps the biggest decision ever.

The decision to make a public, official, world-without-end bargain with each other.

The bargain that emerges from knowing that you want to spend your lives

together, that the sun won’t rise or set unless you’re together.


This is BIG. Never mind the event that will mark it. This. Is. Big.

And it’s right that it’s marked.

And it’s right, too, that this bargain, this joining of lives be fully honoured.


If you have a religious tradition that you both share, then this tradition,

whatever it is, will have its forms, liturgies, processes and actions

to welcome your union within its community.


If you don’t, or if your and her, or his, traditions are different,

or if you’re not at ease with your traditions’ observances

(or they aren’t at ease with yours), then of course there’s always the civil option.

Ask the registrar, book an appointment, go through the legal process – and then just party.


Is the partying enough, though?

If you have no spiritual sense or religious faith, then maybe it is.

If this is just a contractual, legal, financial arrangement, then maybe it is.

If neither of these applies, however, then you might well feel that something more is wanting.


This is where I can help. I’m an ordained, registered member of the Interfaith Ministers Association. I have training and experience which will help me to help you to consider what this bargain you are making actually consists of, what you mean to each other, what you want to be to and for each other, what you are undertaking, what is important to you, how you want your marriage to fit into your community of families and friends. And out of this I can craft for you and with you a ceremony which will honour what you have made, what you are stepping into, and how you intend to support, nurture and strengthen it.


THIS is the big thing. The partying is just a party without it.

Dear Kate, We are glowing... 

It was amazing....


As the law stands, Interfaith Ministers are not able to conduct the legal registration of marriages in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you wish me to conduct a wedding ceremony for you, you will need to make additional arrangements with a Registrar to make sure that your marriage is legally valid

... thank you for today and for helping us to process our thoughts and feelings. I feel much more confident now that the ceremony can be right for us and really appreciate how you are supporting us.