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Kate Napier PhD

OneSpirit Interfaith Minister


Theatre director



based in Surrey, England

Seeking an ever closer connection between world and Spirit

Working for ever closer connection between people

Serving those of all faiths and none




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Bespoke stoles and portable altars crafted to be of service to your service or practice.

WiS Ceremony Mauve.jpg

Whether you want to welcome new life, acknowledge a life change, celebrate a relationship or say goodbye, I will work with you to craft a ceremony which will honour your hopes, intentions - and maybe your fears too. A way to speak your love in the knowledge of your wholeness.

WiS Vx&Pres Named.jpg

One-to-one sessions or group workshops to help you be the most effective you when delivering text, liturgy or your own words.


I have vowed

to serve those of all faiths and none, 

without prejudice or distinction.

Please explore the pages of this site to see what this might mean for you.

"Beyond all ideas of right and wrong 

there is a field.

I'll meet you there." 


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