As part of my ministry, I craft bespoke items for ministers, or for anyone with a desire to step into

or to create sacred space. My intent is to listen to what is important to you and find ways

to express that through colour, fabric and thread.


As I work each altar or stole for individual clients, the images here are offered as examples,

not models. The designs reflect clients' choices or ideas, based on their own sense of what is

significant to them. The only limiters in the creation of your stole or altar are your ideas,

our combined imaginations, and my skill-set.

I can supply simple protective calico cases or bags for both stoles and boxes, which can carry

your logo or other design if wanted on the outside, and will carry mine (above) inside.

If your existing stole would be the safer for a protective bag, I'm happy to supply just the bag.

Please contact me for more information. 

The altar is beautiful.

It was the centrepiece during morning prayer today.

Making for Ministry


Ready to purchase stoles.

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I'm developing a range of standard patterns which is generating ready-made stoles. You can either buy any stole from stock as they are, or request alternative colour-ways. Click on the images to find out more, and contact me for further details.