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Making for Ministry

Whether your work entails you creating sacred space for others, or whether your personal practice is aided by a deliberate, simple designation of the space you're in as special, set aside, sacred, it's a part of my ministry to help you achieve that.

My stoles, boxes and pouches are mostly made for individual clients, and always individually-made so you can be sure that your item is absolutely unique to you. 

WiS M4M round.jpg

THANK YOU THANK YOU – my stole arrived yesterday beautifully packed and is beautiful.  I love all of it – the details on the stole with motif and the stitching around the nape of the neck; the meditation altar and the bag.  And I love how you have included my initials into a very basic logo.  Just beautiful all of it and I am delighted.



For guidance on 

commissioning a stole

A stole is a sign of service. Even if you're working within a context where some elements of your stole are required - like colour, for example, there is always scope to make what you wear express your own faith, mission or relationship with spirit.

I work mostly with natural fibres - silk, linen, cotton - and though I carry a small stock of standard designs - will work with you to create a stole which will be the sign of YOUR service.


Altar box with bag.JPG

My altar boxes are always made to commission. When the lid's removed, the sides open and spread flat. The box could contain either a candle, to create an altar, or a small chalice and patten for a home communion - the flattened surface would take both. Or maybe there are other items that you would want to to work with.



These pouches might serve as a smaller altar, for group work or solo meditation purposes.

The bases are made of hand-made merino wool felt, and every one is unique. I generally have a small number in stock, or can work with your colour preferences.

I have the stole. It is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making it and the cross has been done so well. Thank you also for putting the gold tie on there that’s such a lovely idea and looks so nice when you try it on that way. 


Thank you very much for your time and effort in making something to fit ideas in my head. You’ve done such a good job. 

I love love love the colours, and the labyrinth on the back is stitched perfectly. Thank you so much. It really feels unique.

I had the absolute pleasure of unpacking and seeing my stole this evening - it is gorgeous!! Thank you so very much!!

My beautiful stole arrived safely.  Thank you so much for all you time and work – it’s beautiful and I look forward to wearing it soon! 


I have really enjoyed the process and will certainly recommend you to any body I ever meet wanting a new stole!

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